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MPA has helped hundreds players improve and achieve their goals: including making a better travel team, leading their teams in scoring, or selection for the Olympic Development Program

U13 Boys Winter Trainees

Some player MPA player highlights: 

  • AD – U9 Boys: AD trained with MPA for the summer before joining his travel team for the Fall. With this being AD’s first year in travel, his dad wanted him to get a head start on the Fall season. His father shared the following feedback at the end of the summer. “ Thank you so much for working with AD this summer. His dribbling, 1v1 moves, and shooting as so much better than when he started. I can’t believe how fast he’s improved by working with you. He came home after practices excited to practice his new moves in the driveway. Thank you so much!” 
  • LL – U13 Boys: After working with MPA in the Summer and Fall of 2021, LL was selected to Maryland’s Olympic Development Program for the first time. He cites his MPA experience as a key to developing the skill and confidence that led to his selection. “MPA practices were so competitive and fun that you can’t help but work hard and get better. The MPA coaches taught us and made us use fakes, moves, and shooting techniques that really changed my game and helped me stand-out at ODP tryouts. They also taught me to practice more at home, providing wall ball and fast footwork workouts that really helped me improve outside of practice.” 
  • AW – U9 Boy: After training with MPA in the Summer of 2022, AW returned to his home in England and made the most competitive team at his school, which includes several children of former Premier League players. From AW’s Dad: “After training with you in the summer, AW’s game was at the highest level we’ve seen. He was beating players 1v1 with new moves, completely fearless, and scoring like we’ve never seen before.”
  • EP – U11 Girls: EP worked with MPA Goalkeeping Coach Brian in the Fall. In addition to reporting that Coach Brian made GK fun, she also felt more confident in her positioning, shot stopping, diving, and catching. Previously a goalkeeper by instinct, now EP is playing with intelligence. 
  • CG – U13 Girls:  After training with MPA in the summer, CG said she felt more confident in 1v1 and scoring opportunities than ever before. She was able to move from a “role player” defender to more challenging roles in the midfield and forward lines and is currently her team’s leading scorer. She also reported that “MPA practices are so much more fun and competitive than my regular practices.” Don’t tell her coaches! 


Liam and Connor
Liam and Connor


MPA Summer Shooters Program
MPA Summer Shooters Program

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