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Although hailing from many different backgrounds, MPA staff all share one characteristic: we are all passionate about teaching and developing a love for the game. We want to help develop players able to reach their maximum potential on and off the field. That means inspiring them to have the confidence to lead their teams, develop a learning mindset to practice hard inside and outside of practice, and work with teammates to achieve more than we can on our own. 

Anthony Perry -Founder and Technical Director

Inspired by the skill, creativity, bravery, leadership, and joy of the world’s greatest players - Messi, Ronaldo, Christiano, Cruyff, Ronaldinho - I founded MPA to be the most fun, most developmental, most player-centered training system in the world. Our system seeks to put the player at the center and help players develop and tap into the intrinsic motivation that will help them succeed at soccer and in life. We take pride in creating exceptional individual players willing to take over the game, wanting the ball at their feet with the game on the line. MPA players are easy to recognize - they’re the ones taking on defenders relentlessly, creating openings for themselves and teammates, tearing defenses apart by going it alone or combining with teammates, and bending the ball into the upper 90 - all while wearing a huge smile. There’s nothing more rewarding for a kid than to realize that through hard work and smart practice, they can take their game to a level they never imagined - that’s why MPA is here - come play with us and experience the difference. 

Brian Whitley - Goalkeeping Coach

Growing up in goalkeeping hotspot Germany, Coach Brian has spent a lifetime teaching on the field and in the classroom. With a lifetime of minding the net and 20+ years in the classroom, Coach Brian brings a teacher’s understanding of player development to the field. His sessions focus on goalkeeping fundamentals like shot stopping, diving, distribution, and GK-specific fitness, while also recognizing development of the mental side of what many see as the toughest position in soccer. Working with players from U8 through college, he enjoys teaching the basics to a new U8 as much as teaching advanced technique to a U18. 

Sean Lambert -Coach

Growing up in South America and Southern California, Sean learned to love soccer from an early age. Playing pick-up and street soccer as a kid, he also knows the value of a play-centered approach, learning the bravery, creativity, and toughness required to play against players twice your size and speed. He brings this passion for play to his coaching approach, helping players develop exceptional individual skill to become the difference makers on their teams. He's passionate about MPA's coaching mantra: why be a role player when you can be the star?